The Pavilion on the Park | Eastleigh | Southampton



From £3.50 per head

The Blackbird Cafe Breakfast Buffet really is a moveable feast! We can provide everything from pastries and muffins, to fresh fruit platters, to bacon and sausage breakfast butties. Whatever your taste or appetite, we’ll be able to satisfy you!


Selection of sandwiches, cocktail sausages, cheese and pineapple,
breaded chicken pieces, cheese and onion rolls, sausage rolls, quiche,
pizza, cheese and biscuits, crisps, vegetable batons with dip, petit four.
Choose any 5 items for £4.50pp
Add additional items for £1.00pp



From £1.50 per head

Tea & Coffee can be added to any of our buffets or ordered or it’s own and includes supplies for tea and coffee with biscuits on the side. Add herbal teas and orange juice for a classy selection of beverages.



To make an enquiry and to place an order please email or contact Debbie on 02380 612710

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