The Pavilion on the Park | Eastleigh | Southampton

The History Project

Eastleigh Youth & Community Trust has received £10,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) for an exciting project about the history of the charity, which will be based at Pavilion on the Park. Made possible by money raised by National Lottery players, the project focuses on the stories of people and the community from 1962 to present day.

The project will explore the history of Eastleigh Youth & Community Trust, how its services evolved over the years, and discover the people that dedicated their lives to supporting it. There is an exciting opportunity for volunteers to perform archival research and hold oral histories workshops with local residents, ex-Trustees and their descendants. The project will culminate in a month-long event where local people can visit visual and audio displays at an exhibition at Pavilion on the Park.

We are looking for volunteers to help us with our exciting history project tracing the development of our charity and all that has been involved in since the 1960s.

The project will involve collecting stories and information from the local community and then sharing it through an exciting, month long presentation at the Pavilion on the Park to mark the charity’s 55th anniversary on 29th November.

There are so many opportunities to help with this project. We need people who are interested in

· researching archives and records

· interviewing people with stories to tell

· recording stories (with video, photographs and sound)

· sharing the project’s progress through local and social media

· designing the final exhibition and celebration

Volunteers don’t have to be experts as an exciting part of this project is about sharing skills and learning new things together whilst making a really important contribution to this valuable project.

Do you remember the Nightingale centre or have you been involved in something at the Pavilion on the Park?

It maybe that you have a story to tell, or know someone who has, if so please get in touch. We want to make sure that we capture the real history of the charity collecting the memories of people who have used the centres and have been involved in clubs and activities at them

If you would like to volunteer, have a story to tell or would like to be involved contact Heather Parsons by email or call 02380 612710.

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